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WAP 127

  • WAP 127 blends skis and snowshoes in a brilliant new way. This extremely short, wide, and slightly cambered comes equipped with composite edges, which are dog-friendly. The WAP is the widest ski in our range and has good floatation in deep snow. Due to their short length and low weight they are super convenient to store close to the front door, or take with you wherever you go.


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    • OAC Braid box construction 
    • Compression resistant elastic foam core 

    • Patented OAC Unicoat skibase 

    • Integrated high quality Mohair-mix skin 

    • ALU/ GF reinforcement at binding area 

    • Weight 1100g w/o binding 

    • Width 135-120-132mm 


    Made in Finland by OAC Tech 


    PATENTED US 9,308,431 & EP 2898930