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XCD GT 160

  • XCD GT 160 is a backcountry touring skier’s dream. It is a playful ski with a great mix of floatation, glide, edge control and grip. Compared to the standard XCD, the GT version is wider, allowing for a bigger skin area and more floatation. The GT offers excellent performance on rolling terrain and backcountry trails, making it the ideal winter companion.


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    • OAC Braid box construction 

    • Compression resistant elastic foam core 

    • Patented OAC Unicoat skibase 

    • Integrated high quality Mohair-mix skin 

    • ALU/ GF reinforcement at binding area 

    • Steel edges 

    • Weight 1350g w/o binding 

    • Width 116-86-100mm 


    Made in Finland by OAC Tech 


    PATENTED US 9,308,431 & EP 2898930