How to repair a Skinbased™ skin tear and maintain the skin

Needed equipment for skin tear repair, © - OAC Finland Oy

We have received some requests to write about how to repair a torn Skinbased™ skin and what are our recommendations of skin care methods. This blog post walks through these topics step by step. A field repair is rather complicated to do, due to the winter conditions etc. However it is possible to repair a skin tear similarly as follows or by doing a fast repair by using a super glue.

Needed equipment for skin tear repair

Start the repair by collecting following materials ready. Let the skis dry over night before the repair process.

  • A piece of cardboard or other base for glue

  • Small piece of wood

  • Glue. Our recommendation is transparent Pattex® contact adhesive

  • Utility knife / X-ACTO knife or similiar

  • Wooden barbecue stick or similiar for glue spreading

  • Small piece of foam matt

  • Clamp

  • Pliers

skin repair - © - OAC Finland Oy

Start by determing the teared / delaminated area. Clean the area (from ski and backside of skin) of any depris. You can use pliers to gently lift the skin while cleaning the ski with knife. Avoid causing any extra damage to the skin.

© - OAC Finland Oy

Apply evenly a thin layer of glue to both surfaces (ski and back of the skin). Avoid touching skin hairs with the glue and be careful not to apply too much glue. A piece of cardboard is handy in this process. It works also as a protector for skin material while applying the glue.

After both surfaces are treated, let the glue film dry for 15 minutes. Keep the surfaces away from each other during this period. After this period locate the skin to its correct position and press hard for 3 seconds by hand.

© - OAC Finland Oy

To achive the best results, we recommend to press the glued part with clamping device at least for an hour. Position a piece of foam mat over the repaired skin area. Place a piece of wood on top and clamp them gently agains the ski. Don't use too much pressure. After clamping check the torn skin area and cut away possible loose yarns from skin backer. Once the skin is dry, it is recommended to maintain the skin with skin proof. After this the skis are ready for the next adventure.


We use the best skin plush on the market in our skis. It is a mix of Mohair and Nylon. Ski & the skin are ready to be used straight from the box. Skin material is really long lasting, but it is important to maintain the waterproofness on a regular basis.

OAC Skin proof - © - OAC Finland Oy

During the years we have tested many different applications for skin proofing. After all the tests we wanted to offer the best solution as our own product. This is why we recommend the use of OAC Skin proof made by Nikwax to maintain the skin. Skin Proof is water based and environmentally friendly and does not contain fluorocarbons.

We recommend to dry the skin before proof process. Then follow the steps under:

  1. Press sponge applicator to break seal

  2. Spread evenly, paying attention to seams and stitching

  3. Wait 5 minutes

  4. Wipe away excess with a damp cloth

  5. Let them dry before heading out.

For the field use, we recommend to carry Glob stopper wax from Black Diamond Equipment with. If snow starts to clump into the base or the ski base starts to freeze, first clean the base & skin gently with scraper. Then rub the skin wax into the skin plush from tip to tail to obtain an even coat.

During the ski maintenance it is important to note that the use of hot iron can damage the skin material, detach the skin and melted wax can also clog the skin.


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