Our Top 5 favorite ways to enjoy Christmas on Skinbased™ skis

For many of us, Christmas is a special time of the year. It is an opportunity to relax, to take a break from the normal stresses of everyday life, and to spend our days doing the things we appreciate with the people we love. We find Christmas one of the best times to share all the Skinbased fun with our families and friends.This season, we've made a list (and checked it twice) of our Top 5 fun, seasonal favourites for you to get inspired.

1. A family ski tour with KARs and a sledge: Even though it might not be Rudoplh pulling a flying sleigh, it's hard to think of a much more wondrous event for the youngest members of the family than a sled ride through a winter wonderland. It also makes for a fun and engaging workout for the “reindeer” of the family.

2. Skiing laps with XCD GTs on the local hill: You don’t need to buy a lift ticket to get the freeing feeling and excitement of downhill skiing this Christmas season. Simply grab your XCD GT 160s and 137s, and head out to the local sledding hill for a fun day of creating memories with the family. The recessed climbing skin on all Skinbased skis make it easy to ski both up and downhill without needing to change equipment. Simply choose the terrain that looks the most fitting for you and your family, and go have some fun!

3. A wildlife tour in a local park on WAPs and POHs: Even in urban areas, city parks can provide easy access to wintery nature. Why not take the whole family for a casual cruise around the park and see if you can spot any local wildlife? Is that a bird song you hear? Could that be a squirrel up high in the tree? You might be surprised to discover just how much wildlife also calls your neighborhood home.

4. Warm drinks around a campfire: Glühwein, hot chocolate, or even a basic tea or coffee taste even better when sipped around a campfire. Here, you and your family can warm up both from the inside and outside before heading back out into beautiful, frosty nature.

5. A brisk XCD ski before a Christmas sauna: Last but not least, a real Finnish classic. The Christmas sauna is an important part of many family’s celebrations here in Finland. What a better way to properly prepare yourself for a warm and relaxing sauna than with a vigorous ski on a local winter trail. The XCD 160 is the perfect tool for moving efficiently through snowy landscapes.

There are many more great ways to incorporate Skinbased skiing into your Christmas season. Do you and your family already have your own Skinbased holiday tradition? Share them with us via our social media accounts, @skinbased and facebook.com/skinbased. No matter how you choose to celebrate this season, we would like to send many warm wishes and holiday greetings, from our family to yours.

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