Your Next Adventure: Which Skinbased™ Ski is Best for You

The mercury is starting to drop and the days are getting noticeably shorter. Here in the North, some mornings we are even greeted with a light dusting of fine, white snow. Gone is autumn, with all of its splendid color, and winter is coming in hot on its heels. Soon it will be time to get back out on the snow. Wondering which skis will suit you the best this winter? Read on to discover more about each of our ski’s individual features, as well as practical skiing advice that will help you to choose the perfect pair. Whatever your backcountry skiing passion is, there is sure to be a Skinbased™ ski to meet your needs.

Do-It-All Ski

An extremely resourceful animal, the raven is not known to make long, over-winter migrations. Instead, it adapts to the ever-changing winter environment. As with the raven, our do-it-all KAR 147 ski is exceptionally versatile during the winter season. From family day trips in the local park to multi-week wilderness travel deep in the backcountry, the KAR is suitable for a wide range of uses and conditions. Perfect for when hauling a sled or carrying a larger backpack, winter trekkers, hikers, backpackers, and photographers all find this ski their go-to companion during the snowy months. The KAR’s balance of grip, flotation, and edge control also make it ideally suited for professional users, such as foresters and guides. They are even used extensively by Finnish National Park employees!

Fun in the Deep Powder

Having the right equipment not only brings more enjoyment, but also additional safety. The WAP 127 is created without the sharp, steel edges that come standard on most skis. This makes them the perfect choice if you love hiking, hunting, or winter adventuring with your canine companion. Now you and your pup can travel side-by-side in your favorite winter destination. Find yourself in deep snow often? Much like the paws of the lynx, the WAP has a wide base relative to its size, allowing for easy movement in soft snow and deep powder. If you desire maximum flotation, then look no further. Also, the WAP’s short size and low weight means that they are ideal for frequent travelers and for those needing a back-up form of winter transportation when traveling in more remote areas. Lastly, their ease of use and stable platform make them our top choice for mellow, shorter-distance adventures in backyards and nearby nature.

Efficiency On and Off the Trails

The wolf is a sleek, yet powerful animal. Its long legs enable it to travel with great agility over the snow-covered terrain of its native habitat. Inspired by such swift movement, we created the XCD 160, our most performance-oriented ski. An homage to our all-time favorite touring ski, the XCD is designed to excel in hardpack conditions, such as those often experienced by winter trail users and found in backcountry ski areas. With excellent glide, the XCD retains that classic Nordic ski feel, while also providing access to new, untouched terrain. If you are looking to move fast and efficient over moderately angled terrain, or explore the untracked trails of your local nordic center, then look no further.

Notice: The XCD is a discontinued model in the current ski line (2021-22).

Top Downhill Performer

Do you enjoy earning your turns? Need downhill performance without sacrificing uphill ability? The XCD GT 160 is a touring skier’s dream! Specifically created for those folks looking to run laps and log vertical gains on local hills, The XCD GT 160 comes equipped with a slightly more aggressive sidecut and more stable platform than its predecessor, the XCD. These changes, along with its increased skin area, give this ski more of an all-terrain focus. Reminiscent of the arctic fox, the XCD GT 160 is uniquely adept at thriving in the varying conditions of the winter backcountry. The XCD GT 160 will be a great fit if you are looking for a light duty touring or backcountry exploration ski to use while cruising around on rolling, variable terrain.

Same Fun, Smaller Package

Over the hill and through the woods… These directions could take you to grandma’s, or to your own secret backcountry powder stash. The XCD GT 137 is a well-balanced ski that was purpose-built to serve the next generation of Skinbased™ users. Similar to the flying squirrel that represents it, the XCD GT 137 has phenomenal movement skills; it both climbs with ease and effortlessly glides down during descents. Made for young shredders who like to charge hard in a wide variety of conditions, this fully-featured ski packs all the performance of its bigger sibling, the XCD GT 160, into a smaller and more user-friendly package. Whether it’s a weekend ski tour with the whole family, or an after-school session with buddies in the neighborhood park, the XCD GT 137 will get you out and moving when snow is on the ground.

Playful Ski for Children

Light and sprightly, the red fox is one of the most playful animals of the Finnish forest. With its low weight and ease of movement, our children-specific POH 100 ski was created with such playfulness in mind. We have found that the Skinbased™ concept is uniquely suited to the youngest members of the family who demand to go up, down, and all around with a single set of skis. No more frustration or temper tantrums with the wrong wax or locked-down heels. Due to its lightweight construction, the POH is not only easy to use when on the feet, but also easy to carry. It’s composite edge keeps both child and clothing safe from cuts and scratches that can occur with traditional metal edges. The POH also makes an ideal learning ski thanks to its functionality on flat terrain and its wide, stability-providing platform. The POH can change those often-dreary, indoor winter months into times of exploration and fun in the great outdoors.

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