Back to the Backcountry

To some, it means the peaceful serenity that comes from being immersed in nature. To others, it's the thrill of adventure. While the backcountry brings different things to different people, the time spent there is meaningful and memorable to all who go. The backcountry is a place that gives more than it demands, where beauty goes deeper than just what meets the eye, a place which one leaves feeling fulfilled, content, and alive. This winter, let's focus on capturing those moments. Let's get Back to the Backcountry. 

Experience the Backcountry
with the new XCD BC 160


The new XCD BC 160 is built to take you there and back again, and ensure that you have fun along the way. Where is “there” exactly? Well, that part is up to you! Built for those folks who enjoy wandering off-the-beaten-path, the brand-new XCD BC 160 combines features from our all-purpose KAR with aspects of our more playful XCD line. This ski is built with adventure in mind and will always be ready to help you discover what lies around that next curve. 

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Here at the OAC Finland we have linked our knowledge and know-how in composites with our ski R&D experience and the latest technologies to create a completely new kind of ski line for unlimited access to the backcountry.


Skinbased™ skis are designed for all skiers, regardless of experience, to enjoy easy access to wintry nature. These skis provide the freedom to ski on many types of terrain, wherever you are. No matter if you are a casual recreationalist, passionate backcountry skier, or professional user, OAC has the right ski to help you experience the joys of winter. 


In defiance of the common trend, we decided to base our designing and manufacturing close to our homes in Finland. Our products are made using the latest technologies, materials, and innovations - we want to offer the best.


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Our Skinbased partners are skiers, skishoers, winter enthusiasts and well-experienced on the equipment you need for your winter adventures. Click here to learn more.