Here at OAC Finland we have linked our knowledge in composites, our ski R&D experience, know-how brought by our enthusiasm and the latest technology to create completely new kind of ski line for unlimited access to the backcountry.

It all started in the saddle room of our horse stable, where we first built our test lab for the composite production. Having a strong ski background, we soon ended up making these extra ordinary skis.


OAC backcountry repertoire’s ideology is to make versatile and

easy to use products that  fit everybody. Our products combine

various functions and nothing is compromised – OAC leads you towards something original and better.


OAC skinbased™ skis are designed for all levels of skiers to enjoy easy access to wintery nature everywhere, even in city parks. They are also designed for passionate backcountry skiers and professionals. These skis provide the real freedom of skiing on all types of terrain, wherever you are.


In defiance of the common trend, we decided to base our designing and manufacturing close to our homes in Finland. Our products are made using the latest technologies, materials and innovations. We want to offer the best.


Today OAC is a modern composite manufacturer, based close to Tampere, Finland. The consept of the OAC skinbased™ skis is spreading around the world. Our skis are sold all over the Europe, North-America and Japan. We are working hard to extend our distribution and to be able to offer the joy of skin based skiing to all of you.


Miika Vuorio

Entrepreneur | Sales - International


Always seeking for new snowy adventures. Skis usually after work with KAR's and a headlamp.

Henri Arjanne



Our Adventure sports specialist, who spends most of his free time in the outdoors. Henri likes to explore new climbing spots with our skinbased skis.

Reetta Vuorio

Customer Service & Logistics


Reetta has been skiing telemark since her childhood. Nowadays her free time favorite is to step out from door and make skinbased tours with kids at home backcountry.


Rasmus Alén

Production Manager


Despite his background as a ski orienteerer, Rasmus is becoming a serious skinbased - downhill skier.



Antti-Jussi Tiitola

Senior Advisor


Our database for the knowledge of composites and ski manufacturing. “Naku” has wide and long experience of ski world in terms of sport and business. He’s favorite ski sport is telemark.

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